The student can register oneself by visiting a nearest Authorized Learning Center (ALC) of HKCL. The names of nearest Authorized Learning Center can be obtained from hkcl.in.

Yes, there is a nominal registration fee of Rs. 50/-

This fee will be charged by the technical management agency.

No, one can retake the exam. Mock test can be taken without any fee as many as wanted.

After the result You can collect your participation certificate from the registered ALCs.

You have to answered 120 questions in 90 minutes.

Each question is of objective type with options to select.

In case, your time lapses before your submission of the test then the test will bw submitted automatically after 90 minutes.

Yes, you can but why do you want to skip? We want you to score maximum so try your best to answer all questions. Don’t worry as there is no negative marking.

Regular School Curriculum is followed for setting the examination papers.

Top 5 students will be selected from the State from each Group and next top 3 students will be selected from each group and district. Thus from 22 districts, 213 winners will be selected from all Groups.

First : Rs. 5100/-
Second : Rs. 4100/-
Third : Rs. 3100/-
Fourth : Rs. 2100/-
Fifth : Rs. 1500/-
Reward money along with medal and their name will be published on the website.

All the 15 State toppers shall be rewarded on the Day of HKCL’s Seminar and dates for the seminar shall be announced later.

All the students who come to the top at the district level will be honored with medal and their name will be published on the website.

All the top-grade students of the district level will be rewarded by the Principal of the school in their own school (medals will be provided by HKCL).

No, as this test is based on regular school curriculum.

Sr. No. Group Class
1 Group- A Class 5 & Class 6
2 Group- B Class 7 & Class 8
3 Group- C Class 9 & Class 10